Mark Your Calendars… Dates For Network Announcements Re: Show Renewal/Cancellations

So you want to know if your favorite shows have been renewed for another season or not? Below are the dates for all of the Up-Front Advertising Events for the Major Networks.  If the announcement for a particular show hasn’t been made before these dates, it will be made according to the chart below.  Cable Networks have these events as well but do not normally announce renewal/cancellations during them.

Date Network City Time
May 16, 2011 NBC New York Morning
May 16, 2011 FOX New York Afternoon
May 17, 2011 ABC New York Afternoon
May 18, 2011 CBS New York Afternoon
May 19, 2011 The CW New York Morning

6 comments on “Mark Your Calendars… Dates For Network Announcements Re: Show Renewal/Cancellations

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