About The SuperGeeks Super Blog

Welcome to The SuperGeeks Super Blog, fka The Anti-Nerdist, fka, TV-Tastic.  Why The SuperGeeks Super Blog and no more Anti-Nerdist and no more TV-Tastic?

Because this is now the home of the world’s greatest podcast of all things pop-culture and geek-related and the new staff wants to bring you as much content as we possibly can.

For those who aren’t familiar with The SuperGeeks, the podcast was founded by our dear friend, George Silsby, who was diagnosed with stage-four pancreatic cancer on December 2, 2019 and sadly lost his battle only 20 short days later on December 20. To honor our friend and founder, we decided that we would continue his legacy and expand our content as he had intended to do.

Every week on our podcast we discuss the various geek culture news items of the week and we also do a separate reaction show dedicated to television series of particular interest such as Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard and the Star Wars series, The Manadalorian.

When possible, we also include celebrity guest hosts who have, in the past, included Star Trek novel authors Dave Galanter and Dayton Ward and Star Trek guru and author Larry Nemecek. We plan to add even more in the future.

Our hosts:

  • Carlos Pedraza
  • Shawn O’Halloran (me)
  • Joe Diaz
  • Sunseahal
  • Raul Padron
  • Kasey Shafsky

And our producer extraordinaire, Justin Burton.

You can find us and all of our archived content at the SuperGeeks YouTube Channel and in our Facebook group.

Now, that that’s all been said, please enjoy this picture of William Shatner sans toupée.

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