ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes at The ‘Tastic

As you’ve noticed, it’s been a while since I posted anything and between my busy regular day job and various family obligations, I simply have not had time to contribute any meaningful content. I intend on changing this by trying to provide content for our readers everyday as much as possible but in order to do accomplish that I’ve decided to change the theme of the blog.

Of course, The ‘Tastic will continue to provide you with the latest news and reviews for television programming and all things even remotely related to the subject of television, but now we’re going to cover even more topics that frankly, I just think are interesting, cool, geek-tastic, etc.  This includes product reviews of all sorts of consumer tech, video games, kids toys, model kits and commentary on current events stories that I just think are worth commenting on.  As usual, I have no desire to engage in political commentary but there is plenty of stuff in the news that requires the ‘Tastic treatment.

We’ll be also sharing with you other blogs, websites, Facebook pages that we just think you can’t live without.

Expect to see regular original video content posted on our YouTube Channel The New TV-Tastic which is replacing our two other channels.  The New TV-Tastic is really just my old personal account that I’ll be using for the blog from now on due to the douche nozzles at YouTube arbitrarily shutting down my old account for alleged copyright infringement.  for the record. there was no infringement, I had the right to post the videos under the “fair use” standard for commentary and criticism.  I even had the Stanford University Law Department confirm this.  The problem I had is that I couldn’t risk a lawsuit from NBC Universal or BBC America. Channel 2 is still up (as far as I know) but I’ve removed all of the content from it and I haven’t decided what  content to put on there yet. I’m thinking about dedicating it to independent fan productions.  Tell me what you think.

My goal has always been to inform and entertain my audience with a greater emphasis on entertainment and with your continued support I will continue to do my part and hopefully it will be even better than ever.

This all being said, in the words of Heisenberg…

Let's Cook