CBS: Done and Done… Thomas Gibson Signs Deal To Return To Criminal Minds For Seventh Season

On June 8th we reported that Thomas Gibson had still not signed on to reprise his long-running role as Special Agent Aaron Hotchner, which had the potential to hold up production of the seventh season due to air in the Fall.  As we suspected, Deadline is reporting that Gibson has signed a new deal and will of course, be returning in September.

CBS: Laurence Fishburne Out On CSI, Thomas Gibson Still Not Signed For Criminal Minds As Seventh Season Production Looms

More major cast member news for scripted drama, this time from CBS.

Laurence, we feel the same way about CSI.

Deadline is reporting that Academy Award-nominated Laurence Fishburne, who took over the lead role from Wiiliam Petersen on CSI two and a half years ago will not be returning for CSI‘s 12th season this Fall.  Fishburne’s one-year contract has come to an end and he has decided not to renew it in order to return to feature films, full-time.  No word on who will be replacing him and we really don’t care.  In fact, we question the mental stability of the people who still watch this franchise.  It’s a live-action Scooby Doo minus the dog, the pothead and the ascot.  Watching this show actually makes you dumber.

In other CBS scripted drama news, Thomas Gibson, star of Criminal Minds (a show we actually like and are looking forward to being on Netflix Streaming in the near future in accordance with CBS deal) has still not signed a contract to return for a seventh season and talks are reportedly at a standstill.  This is of concern because production of the new season began last week and the writers don’t know whether his character, Special Agent Aaron Hotchner, will be returning and it makes it a little difficult to produce content if you don’t know who your lead is.  We hope this gets resolved shortly as we like him on this show and it makes us completely forget that he was Greg on Dharma & Greg.