Everything is canceled! Movies being released early? Did Carlos FINALLY watch Dr Who? Find out tonight on The Real Super Geeks :Episode 09

Everything’s canceled! What can you do?
What to watch.
Escape room fun and much more
Tonight on The Real Super Geeks episode 9!

Joining us tonight
Carlos, Index, Justin, Ross with his master Rei and Travis!
(Better then Star Wars Rei!)

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Batman has new Wheels and Corona Breaks the Internet. All of this and more Tonight on The Real Supergeeks!

(Editors note I noticed the name tags oops! Sorry Travis!)  ~Justin

“On The Real Supergeeks Podcast this week we discussed, among other things, what out top three binges would be if we got stuck in quarantine.My first would be any JRPG.” They last for 100s of hours and take you from fetch quest errands to killing God.