CBS: Viewers Can Choose Ending For Upcoming ‘Hawaii Five-O” Episode


My FIRST CYOA Novel. Made for 10 year-olds, because only 10 year-olds would think this would be a good idea for TV.

My FIRST CYOA Novel. Made for 10 year-olds, because only 10 year-olds would think this would be a good idea for TV.

Normally, I just like to post the press release on stories like this and be done with it but this time I feel it is a moral imperative to comment on how stupid this is.  It’s bad enough the Hawaii Five-O turned into a typical police procedural but now, making matters worse, it’s going to become a “Choose Your Own Adventure Novel”… but only for the Eastern/Central and Pacific Time Zones. So basically, what this means is that we could very well have an episode with three different outcomes.  Wow, nothing says series continuity like three different resolutions for the same episode.

Hey, CBS, here’s an idea: how about you focus on decent plot-lines and compelling stories instead of gimmicks?  We’d appreciate that.

Via Press Release:


“Hawaii Five-0” Viewers Will Be Able to Choose the Culprit by Voting Live on or Twitter Monday, Jan. 14

Voting Will Take Place in Real Time during the Broadcasts for Both East/Central and Pacific Time Zones


Click Here for Video Sneak Peak

CHEAT TWEET: #H50 fans! U get 2 choose the ending of the episode LIVE 1/14 #theBoss, #theTA, #theStudent 1/14 10PM ET/PT

For the first time in television history, a primetime drama will allow viewers to choose the ending of an episode in real time when CBS’s HAWAII FIVE-0 lets fans vote on or Twitter during the East and West Coast broadcasts, Monday, Jan. 14, 2013 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The mystery begins on #H50 when the team must investigate the death of an O’ahu State University professor.  His boss, his teaching assistant and a student who he busted for cheating are all viable suspects.

To vote, after each of the suspect’s motives is revealed, viewers will be directed to or Twitter to select either #theBoss, #theTA or #theStudent as the culprit, any of whom could have committed the crime.   The votes will be tallied immediately and the most popular ending will become part of the broadcast.  Separate voting will occur for East/Central and Pacific Time Zone broadcasts.  The three different endings will all be available at after the broadcasts.

“I’ve always felt the most fun aspect of watching a mystery is trying to figure out ‘whodunit,’” says Executive Producer Peter Lenkov.  “Now the HAWAII FIVE-0 viewers will actually get the chance to tell us who they think committed the crime and we will listen. I love that our dedicated and attentive fans will actually play a part in resolving our story.”

HAWAII FIVE-0 is broadcast Mondays, (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network and is a production of CBS Television Studios.  Peter Lenkov, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are the executive producers.

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Show Hashtag: #H50

CBS Twitter:!/CBSTweet

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Daniel Dae Kim     @danieldaekim

Masi Oka     @MasiOka

Michelle Borth     @michelleborth

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