NBC: Dane Cook Vehicle, ‘Next Caller’ Not Going Forward

Deadline is reporting that NBC has pulled the plug on Next Caller, a comedy that was scheduled to premiere midseason starring Dane Cook.  This is one of those shows that you knew would be awful just by watching the trailer and I’m thrilled I won’t have to review this mess. Here’s the trailer for the show and what I said in May about it…

Our Take:  First, any time a show description begins with “What happens when a _______ ,” you know you’re in trouble.  Second, any time your lead is Dane Cook, you know you’re in trouble.  Hasn’t this guy gone away, yet?  No offense to Mr. Cook, but as fun as his comedy routine was (like a decade ago) he’s kinda worn thin and really has no business in film or television.  Truthfully, based on that show description and the clip below, we really have no idea what this mess is about, nor do we really care.

Chance of Renewal:  We aren’t the only ones who aren’t impressed with Dane Cook and as noted there’s not a whole lot being brought to the table with this.  We expect this to last three or four episodes at the very most.

We were wrong.  It didn’t even make it to one episode.  According to Deadline, four of the six episodes ordered of the series had been produced and the NBC execs didn’t like what they were seeing.  Considering how strong NBC’s fall schedule has been so far, it’s not really a surprise that the preemptively ended this disaster before it had a chance to kill all of the network’s positive momentum.

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