EXCLUSIVE: First Look Trailer Of Roddenberry Productions’ Trek Nation

A couple of years ago at the 2008 Creation Entertainment Star Trek Convention, we had the pleasure of getting a first-look preview of about ten minutes of a documentary feature produced by Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, Jr. (Roddenberry Productions), son of the late Gene Roddenberry, known the world over as the visionary creator of the Star Trek franchise.

Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry, Jr.

We were absolutely blown away by this very serious and cerebral approach to Trek Fandom as presented in Trek Nation,  because as much as we’ve always liked the Roger Nygard Trekkies documentaries, they were done a lot more tongue-in-cheek with kind of a “F*ck you! That’s right, I’m a Trek fan and I’m a big f*ckin’ geek and there are millions of us all over the world and we don’t care what you think!” mentality that understandably did bother some fans because they felt it perpetuated the worst stereotypes regarding Trek fandom.  While we admit that there is some of that, the truth is that Nygard’s intentions were always to portray Trek fandom as something that isn’t just a fringe movement but something universal that everyone can relate to.


Unfortunately, that message was kind of lost on a lot of people, both Trek fan and non-Trek fan alike, which is why what little we saw of Trek Nation three years ago was so refreshing in terms of documenting the true nature of Trek fandom, its cultural significance, as well as its impact on everything from technology to philosophy.  Moreover, it provides a window into an understanding of what actually drives the average Trek fan… and not just the guy who had his ears surgically altered to look like Spock’s, the guy who is retro-fitting his whole house with Jefferies Tubes, the guy who requested a vial of blood from James Doohan or the cross-dressing Science Fiction folk singer (which we find out during Trekkies is called “filking“).


Trek Nation is a sincere and thoughtful approach to Trek fandom and today Roddenberry Productions released the first-look trailer for the feature-length documentary which will premiere on the Science Channel on November 30, 2011 at 8:00 p.m.

For more information about Trek Nation, here’s the official press release that was released in July by Discovery Communications:

Via Press Release:

Science and Star Trek Join Forces With Feature Length Roddenberry Documentary Trek Nation

TREK NATION Is produced by Star Trek Heir, Rod Roddenberry, and Roddenberry Entertainment set for release in 2011.

Silver Springs, MD (July 23, 2011) — With the 2011 Comic-Con International in San Diego as the backdrop, SCIENCE today announced its partnership with science fiction royalty, Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, and Roddenberry Entertainment on the upcoming the feature-length special, TREK NATION, scheduled to air in fourth quarter 2011. TREK NATION explores the popularity and appeal of Star Trek through the man who created it all – the late Gene Roddenberry.

Rod will take SCIENCE audiences along with him as he explores his father’s work and the impact of his legacy that still resonates today. Through interviews with his most devoted fans, including George Lucas, J.J. Abrams, Stan Lee and many others, TREK NATION is the story of a son trying to learn more about his father by unraveling the intricacies of Star Trek.

The film demonstrates how Gene’s work not only captivated legions of fans across the globe, but also generated a movement which has influenced entertainment, politics, space travel, social morality and much more. Fostering a timeless understanding of the human condition and capturing man’s constant search for a better world defines everything that is TREK NATION.

“This project is very personal for me, as it literally documents my education on Star Trek, my father, and the Roddenberry legacy. Because of that, I can’t tell you how happy we are to have found a network that shares our vision for it,” said Rod Roddenberry “TREK NATION strikes a strong balance between exploring a science fiction phenomenon and relating a very universal story between a son and his father. I have every confidence that Star Trek fans and non-Star Trek fans alike are going to enjoy the film.”

“Star Trek isn’t just a television show; it is a global phenomenon, a way of life, which has shaped so many facets of how we define our world today,” said Debbie Adler Myers, general manager and executive vice president of SCIENCE. “We are honored to carry on the Roddenberry mission by continuing his legacy with TREK NATION.”

TREK NATION is produced for SCIENCE by Roddenberry Entertainment. Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry is an executive producer and Trevor Roth is a producer for Roddenberry Entertainment. Bernadette McDaid is vice president of production and executive producer for SCIENCE. New Animal Productions producer is Nicole Rittenmeyer and Scott Colthorp produces for Atmosphere Pictures.


SCIENCE, a division of Discovery Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), is home for the thought provocateur, the individual who is unafraid to ask the killer questions of “how” and “why not.” The network is a playground for those with audacious intellects and features programming willing to go beyond imagination to explore the unknown. Guided by curiosity, SCIENCE looks for innovation in mysterious new worlds as well as in its own backyard. SCIENCE and the SCIENCE HD simulcast reach more than 68 million U.S. households. The network also features high-traffic online and social media destinations, including ScienceChannel.com, facebook.com/Science Channel and twitter.com/Science Channel.

About Discovery Communications

Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) is the world’s #1 nonfiction media company reaching more than 1.5 billion cumulative subscribers in 210 countries and territories. Discovery is dedicated to satisfying curiosity through 130-plus worldwide television networks, led by Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, SCIENCE and Investigation Discovery, as well as US joint venture networks OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, The Hub and 3net, the first 24-hour 3D network. Discovery also is a leading provider of educational products and services to schools and owns and operates a diversified portfolio of digital media services, including HowStuffWorks.com. For more information, please visit http://www.discoverycommunications.com.

About Roddenberry Entertainment

Roddenberry Entertainment is a science-fiction leader with a tradition of groundbreaking entertainment. Originally founded in 1967 by Gene Roddenberry, the company has since led a steady stable of science-fiction successes including Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict, Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda and, most notably, Star Trek. Roddenberry Entertainment continues to produce entertainment for all audiences, employing a viewer-centric creative process and resulting in insightful explorations of humanity. The company’s mission is to make good on its namesake’s promise of superior science-fiction while utilizing new and varied vehicles of delivery. Building on its television roots, this entertainment pioneer has also successfully ventured into graphic novels, documentaries, and comic strips, all the while continuing a long and unique tradition in quality merchandising. Roddenberry Entertainment has set itself apart by creating content that surpasses mere entertainment; it challenges its audiences to think, question and explore the world, as well as those beyond. For more information on Roddenberry Entertainment please visit http://www.Roddenberry.com Roddenberry Entertainment can also be found on Facebook (facebook.com/roddenberrycom) and Twitter (twitter.com/roddenberry).


(To enjoy in Full-Screen, click on the DailyMotion logo in the lower right of the video to view the video on the DailyMotion site.)

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  1. Thanks for the post — great, as always. Have my iCal set, as well as a post-it on my TV so I don’t forget! I’m bound to do stupid things like that, and kick myself later. And before you ask, NO, I don’t have a DVR or TIVO :=P I’m not as hip as you, my friend 🙂 PEACE…..LL&P…

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